Rental Management

JAMITAN HOMES website will provide your vacant property with continuous quality exposure. By using innovative marketing and advertising techniques we will fill out vacant spaces with qualified tenants fast. We take great care throughout the tenant qualification and selection process.

Our streamlined operations system eliminates unnecessary costs and wastage. We have a stringent selection process for all suppliers and maintenance service providers in place.

We have an automated Collections and Disbursement system that takes care of the revenue flow of the property; all entries are also checked by our auditor monthly. We have also engaged the services of an external auditor that inspects our books quarterly.

Everything is documented intimately in user friendly forms and documents that are open for inspection by property owners and their representatives.

Property Maintenance

We employ professional maintenance people to care for all properties under our management. Our dedicated staffs are knowledgeable on all aspects of real estate property maintenance and supervision. We have contingency plans for all risks and disaster related incidents in place.

We safeguard your investment by keeping your property attractive through painstakingly detailed maintenance, attention to the Cost to Benefit Ratio and practicing regular inspections in order to prevent rather than fix problems.


Property Title Regularization

We ensure that your property Titles such as your Certificate of Occupancy, Rights of Occupancy, Power of Attorney etc., are complete and up to date with the various regulatory bodies in different locations. We also ensure that all property rates such as tenement rate, property taxes and ground rents are monitored and paid when due.

We will be honoured to manage your real estate properties for you.

Real Estate Agency

At Jamitan Homes. We will put our experience and professionalism to work for you. We will price your properties correctly, facilitate the best deal on the right property, ensuring that we will meet and exceed your ultimate goals. Throughout this process you will be treated fair and represented with the utmost professionalism and respect.


24/7 Online Access

You’ll have an option to receive round the clock access to information about your property from anywhere in the world through your personal online account. All at your fingertips.  Whether you are around the corner or across the globe, you can stay informed about what’s happening on all of your properties. We also automatically email alerts when there are changes, providing timely updates of rent collection and other important events